What is the Rarest LEGO Minifigure?

The title of the rarest LEGO minifigure can be contended by a few exceptional pieces, each with its own unique backstory and level of scarcity. Here are some of the contenders:

  1. 14K Gold C-3PO (2007):

    • Released in 2007 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars franchise.
    • Only five were ever made.
    • Valued between $26,125.95 to $300,000​.
  2. Solid Gold 14K Boba Fett (2010):

    • Two were produced by LEGO in 2010.
    • Part of a boxed set of three, each made of solid 14-carat gold.
    • Valued at $11,495.95 (£8,115) apiece​​.
  3. Mr. Gold (Series 10, 2013):

    • Only 5,000 Mr. Gold minifigures were made.
    • Distributed randomly into LEGO Minifigures Series 10 blind bags​​.

Among these, the 14K Gold C-3PO and Solid Gold 14K Boba Fett, due to their gold composition and extremely limited production, are often recognized as some of the rarest and most valuable LEGO minifigures. The Solid Gold 14K Boba Fett is especially notable due to its high valuation and the prestige of being recognised by the Guinness World Records.